Rainbow Rice for Sensory Play

Have you ever hear of Rainbow Rice? It’s vibrant and gorgeous!  You can use rainbow rice (coloured rice) for all kinds of sensory activities for preschoolers, and it’s SO easy to make! I always have a batch of rainbow rice ready in a large bin for my little one whenever she is in the mood for some creative (and a little messy, I have to admit) play! One batch of this versatile sensory material can easily last you for a year. I usually dye 2 kg of rice for one batch.


Here is how to make Rainbow Rice in a few easy steps:

Pour one cup of rice into a container.

Add some food colouring and the 1/2 tsp of vinegar, and snap the lid on your container.

Now for the fun part!  SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE.

Once your rice is evenly coloured, pour it out on a sheet of aluminium foil to dry overnight.

Give the container a wipe and a rinse, and proceed with your next colour!

Storing your Rainbow Rice:

Rainbow rice will keep indefinitely when stored in an air-tight container.  We’ve been using ours for a year now, and it’s still going strong!

This rainbow rice activity bin will provide your kids with hours of sensory play! They love the texture and letting it slide in between their fingers.

Here is how we have been using it:


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