The Snatchabook – A Short Review

The children’s literature market is flooded with picture books on every conceivable subject. I’ve come across several that belong to the so-called adult sub-genre ‘books about books’. My little one and I have read books about libraries, bedtime stories, book shops and what you will. This time I picked a book from the library that is unique because it has an element of mystery.

The story of The Snatchabook revolves around Burrow Down, small colony of garden animals. You will meet rabbits, hedgehogs, owls and squirrels. A strange event occurs every night when it is time for their children’s bedtime stories. Books disappear in the blink of an eye. An inquisitive rabbit, Eliza Brown, decides to investigate the mystery and sets a trap to catch the monster that is stealing books from every child in Burrow Down. With both bravery and sensitivity Eliza solves the mystery of the Snatchabook.

The Snatchabook extols books and storytelling. It not only introduces the mystery genre to children, but also sensitizes adults to the value of a cuddle and a bedtime story. It very successfully articulates the enormous role that books can play on our lives. Though a trifle moralistic in approach, as children’s books are wont to be, The Snatchabook has the potential to keep a child in its thrall. Written in verse and accompanied by lovely illustrations, the book is suitable for children in the age group of 3 to 5. Here are the book details:

Book – The Snatchabook: Everybody Needs a Bedtime Story

Author – Helen Docherty

Illustrator – Thomas Docherty

Publisher – Alison Green books, an Imprint of Scholastic Children’s Books


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