Board Games – Part 3

In continuation of the Board Games theme, here is the third part of the series – Answers to some practical questions about playing board games with children.

It is not enough to know how to get your child started on board games. There are several other questions that need to be addressed. We have tried to answer some of the most common questions that we receive from parents.


Is my child old enough to play board games?

Children are ready to start playing board games at around the age of 4. Before that, they do not have the ability to follow rules or sit and wait for others to take turns. They prefer playing with toys instead.

Is it okay to let the child use the parts of the game to play something else?

Lot of children like to play board games in ‘toy’ mode. This happens very often if they are not yet ready to play board games. My child, for example, used to love stacking the tokens of his games like building block! Let them enjoy and explore the die, or the coins or the board. They will soon be ready with some practise and ‘toy’ time.

My child throws a tantrum if he/she loses. Is it healthy to let them win?

Contrive to lose. It is okay with very young children. Winning helps your child’s confidence. There will be a lot of time to teach them to lose gracefully, in future.

Cleaning up after a game is a chore. How do I get my kids to help?

Involve them from the start. Set expectations by mentioning that all players need to help clean up. You can also set rules such a getting them to clean up and put away one game before they take another out.

With this we conclude the board games series. Hope these answers help! If you have any other questions, do leave them in the comments section and we will be happy to answer them.

Note: This article is the third and concluding part of a three part series on board games. Parts 1 and 2 are linked here and here.


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