Books and Cultural Sensitivity

Me: How often do you read to your child?

Me: Everyday!

Me: What books do you read?

Me: Oh! Everything from Dr. Seuss to Enid Blyton – books that I choose with loving care.

Me: *Horrified* What? No books by Indian authors or publishers?

Me: *Embarrassed* Yeah, I have some good Indian books too and I do read them aloud sometimes.

Me: Will you make an effort to read books that offer a variety to your child? It is not just about cognitive development or vocabulary building. It is also about cultural sensitivity. Why not read a story about Indian villages? Or about life in Africa? Or about Eskimos? It will be different from the usual English fare but will help sensitize the young mind to different lifestyles and cultures. Isn’t that worth something?

Me: Help! I need a reading list.

Me: Coming up. Watch this space.



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