PB Champs Session 1: An Update


The PB Champs banner goes up and the storyteller is ready!

Pratham Books is a not-for-profit publisher of children’s books whose mission is give every child access to books and stories. To further this mission they run an annual, India wide initiative – the PB Champions programme – under which they invite storytellers from the length and breadth of the country to run storytelling sessions for children using a book that Pratham chooses for the year.


We at Workshop Studio participated in the 2016 initiative to forward Pratham’s mission through our centre. Though ‘one day, one story’ is Pratham’s motto, we took it a step forward and planned three sessions in Kolkata. The first session was conducted on the 6th of September. Since this is voluntary work for the cause of literacy we invited as many children as we could from the neighbourhood without limiting ourselves to the children enrolled for our weekly classes. The word spread and we were pleasantly surprised to have a turnout of over 25 children!

The session began with a reading of this year’s book ‘The Elephant Bird’ by Arefa Tehsin. Since many children were just 4-5 year olds we used the wordless version of the book to project pictures and read the shorter version of the story. Storyweaver came to our rescue! The story was followed by an activity in which the children worked in pairs. Based on the central theme of the book – friendship and courage – we gave each pair a short scenario and asked them to identify if the characters were displaying the traits of being good friends. The children, we realized, do understand the true value of friendship and were willing to be nice to each other! This is why they all got fun stars with their names on them which they decorated and made into headbands to wear home.

A lovely evening and a feeling of fulfillment were Workshop Studio’s takeaway.

PS: To know about about PB Champs, click here. Also, watch this space to read about updates on sessions 2 and 3.


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