PB Champs Session 2: An Update

As promised, we’re back with an update on session 2 of PB Champs. This time we extended Pratham’s mission to include the underprivileged children of Pranjal.img-20160910-wa0018

The date was 10th Sept and the day just like any other Saturday. However, we had a spring in our step because we knew our afternoon would be spent bringing a smile to the faces of  marginalized children. We visited the home Pranjal that is a part of Genesis Foundation. To plan for the session we decided to read to the children in Bangla and downloaded the bangla translation of ‘The Elephant Bird’ from Storyweaver. The tried and tested method of projecting the wordless book again worked well. After the story the children made beautiful, colourful friendship quilts using coloured paper cutouts.

We were excited to see the involvement of the children – 26 boys and girls ranging in age from 5 to 16! What a bright, eager eyed and enthusiastic bunch they were. The session was a huge success thanks to the cooperation of the staff and the management. When it was time to say goodbye and thank you to each other, the children gifted us beautiful handmade greeting cards with the words ‘Thank You’ printed inside!

Actually, we were the ones who were thankful to the children for gifting us an enriching experience.

PS: To know more about Genesis Foundation, click here and to know more about PB Champs, click here. Watch this space for an update on session 3.


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