Children today are geared towards a fast-paced life and are therefore busily working towards high academic scores. However, it is a proven fact that marks alone do not success make, important as they may be. This is where Workshop Studio comes in.

Workshop Studio wears many hats. It organizes and facilitates workshops for children, it runs an enhanced learning centre and it also creates pedagogical content around children’s picture books. Click here to know more about out services.

Through its centre Workshop Studio runs its signature instructional model – Children’s Literacy Programme (CLP). To know more abot CLP and how you can be a part of it, click here.



We also offer specially designed workshop modules for hands-on maths, multicultural awareness and lots of other interesting subjects.

Our workshops, classrooms and content are fun, interactive, activity-based and are aimed at bringing about positive behavioral changes and impactful learning experiences in children. They are oriented towards improving children’s literacy, numeracy, and creative problem-solving skills.



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  1. We run a school in the village in an island in the Sunderbans. We impart education to around 150 students.. We impart education both english and bengali…We really would like to associate with your esteemed organisation so brighten these young lives ….we also conduct english workshops with other schools in other islands ….it would be very kind of you to support us in doing so


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