Playful Math

Making children love math is a challenge to most parents.  Also, parents tend to instill a fear of math in children, as they relive their own experiences struggling with this subject.  Consequently, kids pick up this attitude and look upon math as a horrible monster that they have to face in their academic lives.

Yet being at least, competent in math is necessary to survive in modern life.  Math is used in doing everyday chores such as cooking and shopping.  Technology, engineering, finance and other ‘much sought after’ careers require above average math skills.  Even non-math careers require sharp analytic and reasoning skills – skills that are acquired in mathematical training.

Many studies suggest that early math training in children reaps long term benefits. The children’s brains are trained for learning advanced math concepts. In fact, studies reveal that math skill at kindergarten is a stronger predictor of later school achievement than reading skills.

The children’s’ first teachers, the parents, play an important role in children’s attitude to math.  Parents who engage in “math talk” provide their children with a solid math foundation for later math achievement.

Since children are more receptive to learning when it is associated more with play than with work, it is a good idea for parents to expose them to math in fun ways.  Making math enjoyable helps children to associate math with fun, pleasure and parental love and attention.

Are you a looking for hands-on activities and ideas to teach math concepts in a fun way at home?  We’ve got you covered! This series was designed for you!

We will post some interesting ideas and hands-on activities to teach a particular mathematical concept every Monday.

Please share photos of any interesting ideas or activities that you may have tried with your child while teaching math on our Facebook Page And if you feel inspired to blog about your experiences, make sure you leave a link in the comments so we can all pop over and have a read.


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